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Due dates for filing tds return : as per notification 30/2016 dated 29042016 ,cbdt has revised the due date of filing of tds statements now,a single date has been prescribed for e-tds return for government as well as non government assesses. To know the full concept of due date to deposit tds ,we must have to read it in two parts when tax is to be deducted/collected when tax deducted at source (tds/tcs) is to be deposited (tds due date of deposit. This amount is to be paid from the date at which tds was deducted, not from the date from which tds was due for example, let the due date of tds payment be 7th may and you have deducted tds on 19th april.

The cbdt has basically made this amendment to unify the tds return due dates, ie due dates for submission of tds return or statement both by government and non government deductors. Posted by sensys technologies at 4:14 pm 3 responses ยป tagged with: due date chart, due date chart for central excise, due date chart for esic, due date chart for income tax, due date chart for mvat, due date chart for pf, due date chart for profession tax, due date chart for pt, due date chart for service tax, due date chart for tds, due date. The tds not made within due dates will attract interest @ 1% for every month or part thereof from the due date of deduction till the actual date of deduction. Friends, everyone is in confusion for due dates of filing of tds/tcs returns it is special for last quarter first three quarters due date do not match with the criteria of last fourth quarter.

Cleartds is the india's first tds filing software on cloud most commonly questions about generating and filing returns have been answered by our chartered accountants, for other chartered accountants. Due of employees' provident tds provisions under section 194a shall not apply to income paid by way of interest on the compensation amount tds rates chart. Due dates of tds payment tdsman august 1, 2013 august 2, 2013 8 comments on due dates of tds payment tds payment is liable to be made by any assesse who has deducted tds at the time of incurring any expenditure.

Here is the list of due date of filing tds return govt has brought uniformity in filing tds return for all types of detectors from fy 2016-17 earlier government deductors has allowed a separate timeline for submitting return. Due date for submitting form 27eq quickly prepare statement for tcs revised due dates for submitting form 27eq and other changes rules where tds is. What is the due date for payment of tds how does it vary across different quarters what are the consequences of late payment here are the answers for it. Tds return is always required to be filed by the assesse who has deducted the tds these are required to be filed after specified intervals and the. Payment of tds each month and filing of quarterly return of tds are 2 separate processes and due dates for these processes are different the due dates for the payment of the deducted tds are on or before 7th of next month.

Due dates due dates for filing of quarterly tds statements: sno quarter ending on: due date for due date for etds return 24q, (hyper link) 26q. Due dates under income tax & esic & pf for fy 2017-18 (ay 2018-19) income tax esic & epf month tds/tcs tds/ tcs advance tax income. Due date for tds deductible in the month of march is 30042018 no separate date provided for deduction made on 31032018 this due date(30042018) is not. Due dates for payment of tds: the tax deducted at source (tds) in accordance with the provisions of chapter xvii-b of the income tax act, 1961 shall be paid to the credit of the central government: i on the same day where the tax is paid without production of an income tax challan and, ii on or. Find out the tds payment due dates and timeline for depositing and filing tds/tcs return check out the late filing fee and interest applicable.

Due date to deposit tds march 2013 ,form 16, 16a, 24q, 26q as per notification and circulars of income tax department (latest amendment), due dates for filing e-tds return form 24q for salary, 26q for contractors/other deductees and 27q for non residents for last quarter (q4) is 15052013. Tds payment shall be deposited with the govt before the due date of payment of tds a simple procedure for payment of tds is explained herewith. The person who is liable to deduct tds shall be deposited to the government on time timely payment ensure the statutory complaints and avoid penalties and fine here is the tds payment chart for both govt assesses and non govt: assesses.

  • Tds or best known tax deducted at source is one of the modes of collecting income-tax from the assessees in india it is to be noted that liability of the deductor does not ends with the deduction of tax at source but at the same time liability to file return of tds arises which deductor needs to file on different due dates.
  • Due date for deposit of tds for the period april 2017 to june2017 when assessing officer has permitted quarterly deposit of tds under section 192, 194a, 194d or 194h.

Form no for tds returnstype of tdstds due datestds salaryform 24qtds non salaryform 26q (if tds deducted of residents)form 27q (if tds deducted of non residents)due date for tds returnsperioddue dateapril-june31 julyjuly-sept31 octoberoct-dec31 januaryjan-march31 maysame due dates for form 24q / 26q. Tds obligations due dates for 2016-17 calender of tax deducted at source obligations for fy 2016-17 or ay2017-18 download tds due dates calendar in pdf format and in excel format. Tds/tcs return forms, due dates posted on november 4, 2012 by admin continuing from the previous post on tds/tcs, this post throws light on the tds/tcs return forms and due dates as below.

tds due dates Specified due dates noted in this chart 2) please confirm the due dates and forms nos for changes, if any, to avoid confusion 3] please note that service tax returns will be filed on monthly/quarterly basis from the next year as the case may be.
Tds due dates
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